This documentary exposes serious concerns about the safety and effectiveness of New Zealand’s MeNZB parent vaccine.

Contrary to recent media reports the documentary is not about ME.

The documentary is about a journalist who promoted the original trials of the Norwegian meningococcal vaccine. Revisiting the promotion, results and aftermath of the clinical trial, Connie Barr discovered, to her regret, that she and the public had been misled.

The Vaccine Experiment features three professors of medicine expressing grave concerns about the vaccine and an alleged cover-up of adverse reactions. They reveal their total dismay on learning the Norwegian results were used to justify the vaccination of a million otherwise healthy New Zealand children.

Two Norwegian children seriously disabled by the vaccine are also profiled. The documentary team came to New Zealand and interviewed New Zealand health officials who deny that New Zealand has suffered any adverse events ociated with the MeNZB vaccine. They then speak with the families of local children seriously injured by the vaccine.

Revealingly, the team captures New Zealand health official Dr Jane O’Hallahan making false claims and backtracking on camera when confronted with the truth.

There is no doubt serious pressure will be brought to bear from MeNZB proponents to either can the documentary or to seriously edit it.

We ask that all New Zealanders who wish to see this documentary in its entirety contact TVNZ to support them in their intention to screen.

“THE VACCINE EXPERIMENT – In The Service of Good” will be one of the most important documentaries to screen on television this year.

Duration : 0:9:17

[youtube H6JiUwkrTNk]

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18 Responses to THE VACCINE EXPERIMENT – In The Service of Good, Pt 1 of 4

  1. Kenzofeis says:

    So, they also …
    So, they also pushed the vaccine in New Zealand of all places? Anyway, I recognize fully the cheauvinistic attitude from the norwegian authorities.. it is a tradition. It is everywhere.

  2. alexanderxray says:

    This documentary …
    This documentary proves that not only were children in Norway (me among them) used as guinea pigs in an awfull experiment but that they exported another similar one and that lies were given as proof that they were safe….

    Someone needs to be made responsible…

  3. lostgenaration says:

    Good on yous for …
    Good on yous for letting the world know there are serious side affects ,your information is very valuable to us here in Aotearoa[nz]

  4. lostgenaration says:

    Thank you for your …
    Thank you for your valuble information,i and alot of us kiwis r very gretfull for you shareing this :-)

  5. awakekiwi says:

    Hiya, this is also …
    Hiya, this is also available on the tvone website in new zealand, the last part to this is on the site, i cdnt transfer it as its longer than 10 mins..
    I was a victim of vaccine damage and its affected my whole life… i belive there is a link between difficult births and the worst reactions to mercury and aluminium in vaccines…

  6. nzoomed says:

    great job
    everyone …

    great job
    everyone needs to know how dangerous this is.
    i know people who’s children had the menz vaccine, with bad side effects, one has developed autism, the other suffers from skin rashes

  7. SeekingKnowledge says:

    What are you and …
    What are you and your friends doing to insure that no other children have to suffer? Might you join Uin the debate against the government’s mandating the HPV vaccines for 11-year-old girls?

  8. SeekingKnowledge says:

    The U.S. government …
    The U.S. government is now using 11-year-old girls as guinea pigs to test the HPV vaccine. If you have relatives in the states, encourage them to opt-out of having to take the dangerous vaccine!

  9. tippy195 says:

    sm ftw!
    sm ftw!

  10. vaccinationnation says:

    No vaccines. Not …
    No vaccines. Not one. They are unproven, untested, unnecessary. Vaccines are a lie for profit but most of all DEPOPULATION. myspacedotcom/injection101

  11. gulshankavarana says:

    My Daughter Zara …
    My Daughter Zara had a seizure 16 hours after the second dose of the D.P.T. vaccine…shes severely disabled now 10 years Dr. has confirmed that the vaccine is the cause of Zaras condition.its sad that we lost our once happy healthy child to the medical field.I live in the U.A.E. and there is no place for me to report my daughters case as a vaccine injury case,thats the reason they keep saying that vaccine reactions dont happen …BUT THEY DO HAPPEN ITS TAKEN ZARA AWAY FROM US.

  12. happynurse63 says:

    While I do believe …
    While I do believe in the need vaccinations, I don’t believe in testing them out on children!

  13. 1enzeder says:

    Men B vaccine. They …
    Men B vaccine. They didn’t get my kids. holes.

  14. cathytreks says:

    This is horrid, the …
    This is horrid, the blighter’s should pay dearly that caused this!

  15. vaccinesharmbabies says:

    “While I do believe …
    “While I do believe in the need vaccinations, I don’t believe in testing them out on children!”

    EVERY vaccination injected into a child is an experiment using a child as a guinea pig!

    Parents don’t realise that if they choose to be deluded and deceived by corrupt and criminal “health” authorities, they are left on their on to deal with the sometimes horrendous consequences.

  16. vaccinesharmbabies says:

    “Our society is …
    “Our society is littered with millions of children who have been harmed in ne way or another by vaccinations.

    Let us also not forget the millions of parents who have had to watch helplessly as their children’s lives were destroyed in front of their eyes by devastating vaccination programmes.”

    US neurosurgeon of 26 years Dr R Blaylock MD in “The Toxic Vaccine Cover-Up” on Dr Mecola MD’s website.

  17. vaccinesharmbabies says:

    Thank you for this …
    Thank you for this valuable information! The (so-called) “health” authorities used pictures of infants who had lost fingers and limbs to meningitis to scare parents into a vaccination hysteria.

    Each child of consenting parents was given 3 to 4 injections of this vaccine which contains neurotoxic aluminium hydroxide, known to lodge in the brain and spinal cord, causing neurological disorders.

  18. FreeGlobalEnergy says:

    Detoxification is …
    Detoxification is the cure
    Contact homeopathic doctor

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