The Truth About Vaccines(.)

A dedication to the many mothers and fathers who lost there babies and children as a result vaccination injection. For the millions who have been diseased and torn apart on the inside. And, for the millions who seek the truth, and want justice.

[Disclaimer: This video is not meant to convince you, but to move you to do the research. This video may not be perfect, but it's a good place to start, to get the word out.

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25 Responses to The Truth About Vaccines

  1. 1Nyro says:

    Christ, how many …
    Christ, how many micrograms of mercury do you need in a vaccine before it becomes unsafe?

    FDA;s guidelines state that safe is 0.4 micrograms per day, despite vaccines with just 0.01% thermerasol containing 25 micrograms. Look it up!

    What do you want me to do? Do you want me to get a healthy kid, pump it full of vaccines and show you the difference? It would drop in IQ levels but you wouldn’t know!

    If vaccines didn’t cause 1/5,000 chances of autism to become 1/165, then what did?

  2. Surgemeisterstube says:

    They might enhance …
    They might enhance it, we are all ed up one way or another because of the vaccines that were given to us, some of us might have had very great immunue systems to combat the harmful chemicals. either way just because they are doctors and are approved by the FDA does not mean they are safe. The FDA Approved the VERI-CHIP to be implanted in humans that chip causes malignant tumurs in lab rats. You can trust your doctors..but you will see and find out one day….

  3. GaGirlie777 says:

    I agree with you …
    I agree with you completely.

  4. FairCogent says:


    No …

    No original research.
    No citation.

    Result: Fail.

  5. Lionheart80s says:

    @ MGCAUSTIN. You …
    @ MGCAUSTIN. You are narrow sighted, what about all the issues this people didn’t have to cope with that today’s kids have. ADD, allergies, alzheimer’s, asthma, birth defects, brain damage, cancer, diabetes, epilepsy, heart problems… all this things have skyrocket, hospitals are full of baby’s and kids being crippled since day one. But sure you think polio is out. Try to think in a broader way. Because people like you are supporting the contamination this planet.

  6. vaccineharmbabies says:

    So bad there is no …
    So bad there is no vaccine against stupidity.

  7. vaccineharmbabies says:

    Maybe you will get …
    Maybe you will get some price for your contribution. As far as we know there is no established cause of autism. Mercury is toxic but autism is a very specific condition and there is no credible, verifiable link with mercury. The symptoms of mercury poisoning are symptoms of neural toxicyty, similar to other heavy metals poisoning.

  8. Lionheart80s says:

    There is stupid, no …
    There is stupid, no go run and git it.

  9. elucidatus says:

    Michellebelle71… …
    Michellebelle71… is 71 for your IQ? Listen and listen carefully. Not all children are the same. Some children have allergies and some don’t. Some have allergies to peanuts and some don’t. Some children respond differently to the toxins within vaccines. There is no one size fits all combo of vaccines. Do you have a child with Autism? I don’t think so with your ish attitude in here. I can only pray that you don’t ever have a child with Autism. And also go yourself .

  10. 1Nyro says:

    mercury does not …
    mercury does not cause autism?

    I was doing a project today, and happened to find yet another link between mercury and autism, but this time in pollution. The evidence is there, you just refuse to come to terms with it.

  11. vaccineharmbabies says:

    I am a skeptic. I …
    I am a skeptic. I believe in the scientific method. You make a claim, you prove it.
    There is no serious scientific or rational proof linking mercury to autism. Don’t just say “the evidence is there”. If it is there then give me some reference, scientific, incontrovertible credible, evidence. I am all ears (or eyes in this case). Ii just hope you don’t believe that vaccines cause autism. If you do then do not bother to reply. There will be no point in further communication.

  12. vaccineharmbabies says:

    Being grossly rude …
    Being grossly rude and offensive does not make you any smarter or right. It only shows the kind of person you are.


    we have virtually …
    we have virtually conquered epidemics in north america, it seems foolish to inject ourselves and our children with the crap they put in vaccines, i haven had a shot since elementary school, im fine, i know people who have never had a shot for anything ever because their parents became aware of this danger long ago and they are happy fully functioning adults.

  14. loserella55 says:

    omg, another person …
    omg, another person who spells really bad!

  15. treehugger645 says:

    grrrreeeeaaaat * …
    grrrreeeeaaaat *sarcastac tone* my school is making us get shots this week…..
    *sigh* I hope everyone who has commented is happy with the fact that they are fighting like 2 yearolds, and are using language that is really innaproperate. PLEASE THINK BEFORE U COMMENT. Uing language like that doesn’t prove anything, in fact, to me, it actually lowers the opinion I have of your IQ.

    love and light,
    treehugger645 :)

  16. treehugger645 says:

    oops :) * using* …
    oops :) * using*
    love and light,
    treehugger645 :)

  17. rhill666 says:

    Good video…U …
    Good video…U could do without all of the “God” bullshit though.

  18. GaGirlie777 says:

    Could…just could …
    Could…just could the flu vaccine shot contain the microchip?? Now you must register to get the shot.

  19. venom6622 says:

    Just search ” …
    Just search “Immunization Part1″. Then part2, part3 etc.. Everyone should watch this.
    Blows the lid off the vaccine hoax.

  20. FiestyNokotaMare says:

    Wow. Being a …
    Wow. Being a vaccinophobic, this gives me more facts to recite whilst driving to the doctors office, unvolinatarily, then being pinned down, only to escape; sending me screaming outside, till I run to the car, and lick myself in. Maybe, if my Mother watches this, she’d get how I feel.

  21. GaGirlie777 says:

    Thanks for the info.
    Thanks for the info.

  22. vaccineshurtbabies says:

    Or check out my …
    Or check out my youtube presentation ‘Vaccination: Miracle or Mayhem?’ parts 1 – 5.

  23. vaccineshurtbabies says:

    Check out the …
    Check out the youtube presentation ‘Vaccination: Miracle or Mayhem?’ parts 1 – 5 and get educated.

  24. easyrider4life says:

    My daughter has …
    My daughter has never had a vaccine and goes to school with all the baby sheeple! And they can not stop her from going to school.

  25. loserella55 says:

    i’m with you, …
    i’m with you, feisty. i’m a needlephobe myself. how can anyone call needlephobes crazy after watching this?!

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