The images are from a Nexus magazine from 1988 purporting to give the Real Story on AIDS. It does not, concluding that it is unlikely AIDS is man-made, and making several bad health recommendations. However right at the end is a map, provided by an animal rights group in the UK that shows clearly how HIV was created and tested.
By the way, the East German scientist described in this magazine as ‘Jakok Segal’ was ‘Jakob’ or ‘Jacob’ Segal – he and his wife Lilly/Lily alerted as many as they were able, that AIDS was the result of American biowarfare in the early-mid 1980s.

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[youtube KD2GeVm7Nho]

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5 Responses to Part 32 of The Cause and Cure of AIDS by Dr Romesh Senewiratne

  1. nattorro says:

    They are not …
    They are not forcing yet. They are just advising of course the majority are going to listen, because they don’t have brain and take their doctor’s word for it. I have never had one vaccine in my life and I am 25. My parents fought against it. No doubt some vaccines may have some value. But over all the influenza vaccine is a joke as are the majority. They fought it on religious grounds.

  2. KnowareMan says:

    I had no problem …
    I had no problem pausing and then reading the text. That’s what I do with all the video’s here. Then I go to google, do a search on the information and see if there is an Adobe file available, and download and read at my own convenience. I prefer finding solutions to problems rather than complaining about them.

  3. juliayg77 says:

    the american …
    the american goverment is behind this plauge of the century!! !! someone please make a big war on this nation ! and to think about it there foricing infants & young children to take the influenza vaccine . how ed up the american is treating our american peoples !

  4. 0Humanity0 says:

    just read it for us?
    just read it for us?


    Perhaps Johnny 5 …
    Perhaps Johnny 5 could read that book already..

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