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14 Responses to Every Pregnant Woman Needs to Know This

  1. amelionar says:

    people need to …
    people need to upload more clips like this. I prefer funnier stuff myself, check out dolphinhump. lostfrog . com , I laughed so hard I got kicked out of class! haha.

  2. gonegoogling says:

    its about time …
    its about time doctors speak out agains poisoning our children for big pharma profits

  3. YNOTTONYE2 says:

    I lost my first …
    I lost my first child to “sids” in 1984. He was 2 1/2 months old. He died 2 days after his shots. I’ve always suspested the shots. My next 2 children were much older when they were vaccinated. We carefully selected the tail.

  4. melchiahus says:

    Make this guy the …
    Make this guy the Surgeon General !

  5. KnightbeforeFilms says:

    my girlfriend is …
    my girlfriend is pregnant…thanks for this doc.

  6. WhatIsVickiPainting says:

    Good advice.
    Good advice.

  7. JesusFuck says:

    thanks for the info …
    thanks for the info, even though i don’t plan on having kids anytime soon. subscribed!

  8. coldsilence says:

    i’m glad people are …
    i’m glad people are finally getting the message out about the dangers of vaccines.

  9. Strunz21LEON says:

    Thanks doctor, …
    Thanks doctor, appreciate your advice,is good to see a doctor that worries aboute the comunities healt.

  10. curleysloth says:

    Woo hoo.
    Woo hoo.

  11. lukygirl314 says:

    Thanks Mercola.. I …
    Thanks Mercola.. I wished I knew this before I gave birth. My daughter has eczema and we believe it is due to vacine shots as well. None of our family has eczema except for the newer generation.

  12. mikehedge says:


  13. YouthHealth says:


  14. Dainis says:

    Dr. Mercola has put together a great resource at his website. Good for him. Glad to see him speaking out.

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