Stakeholder Opinions: Therapeutic Vaccines – A far-off promise of greatness

The development of therapeutic vaccines has expanded beyond cancer indications and is attracting increasing interest from Pharma and Biotech, driven by potential advantages such as improved specificity, long-lasting immune response and cost-savings compared to conventional pharmacotherapy. First candidates have reached late-stage clinical development. ( )


* Strategic analysis of therapeutic vaccine pipelines and key clinical candidates across several disease areas outside cancer
* Thorough assessment of opportunities and challenges for therapeutic vaccine development
* Review of potential strategies to increase the efficacy of therapeutic vaccines
* In-depth discussion of key target diseases, unmet needs and rationales for therapeutic vaccine development


Efficacy and safety as well as the lack of suitable animal models remain key issues in therapeutic vaccine design and development. A prudent combination of suitable antigens, adjuvants and delivery systems will be crucial to creating efficacious therapeutic vaccines.

Other strategies to increase the efficacy of therapeutic vaccination may include a combination of therapeutic vaccination and pharmacotherapy as well as targeting of early-stage patients, who are more likely to mount a sufficient immune response.

Candidates for the treatment of substance dependence and diabetes have advanced furthest, whereas experts are more sceptical about the prospects of therapeutic vaccination in cardiovascular and autoimmune diseases. Disease-specific risk/benefit profiles will be key to regulatory approval.

Reasons to Purchase

* Review therapeutic vaccine progress in four key disease areas outside cancer
* Gain insight into the market environment for therapeutic vaccines through an analysis of pipelines, key candidates and regulatory trends
* Understand challenges, unmet needs and future opportunities by learning about the views of industry and academic key opinion leaders

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