• mother originally against vaccines
  • mother still against vaccines in reports to a new boyfriend
  • accusing husband of being “against vaccines” in custody proceedings started by husband based on wife’s: constant chaos, verbal, emotional, and physical abuse

state recommends custody go to mother and cites husband’s stance “against” vaccines as an “extreme view,” despite husband’s repeated statements that the parents’ stance on vaccines was a mutually agreed upon preference initiated by the wife’s fear of vaccines and vehement desire to not have their child vaccinated.

husband recommends applying the scientific method to each vaccination, investigating potential alternatives, and making informed choices about health — which is what the wife wanted prior to custody proceedings — but has now gained a custody recommendation based on lying about both her own and her husband’s views.

husband called a narcissist, but when pressed about “what would you do regarding vaccines and your daughter?” husband repeatedly said “it’s not ‘my’ daughter, it is our daughter — i would talk with my wife about it and we would come to a mutually agreeable choice.” do narcissists maintain a stance of a “cooperative we?”

what would you recommend?

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