My child received a chicken pox vaccine when a baby. Her doctor says that the second dose was given three days earlier than it should have been and insisting that she be revaccinated. I see no reason to do so, especially considering that chicken pox is rarely a fatal disease. Plus, with all the talk about the dangers of vaccines, I think the harm could outweigh the potential good of revaccination. I did some research and found that I can do a religious exemption, but as an agnostic, I’m uncomfortable about legally swearing to something that isn’t the case. What would you do to avoid revaccination?
State of Georgia

How ludicrous! She’s had the vaccination, what’s the problem? Your doctor is talking rubbish, I’d take your child to someone capable.
Good Luck

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5 Responses to Signing a religious vaccination exemption?

  1. Francesca S says:

    Chicken pox is rarely lethal, but complications from it such as being death and having heart strain due to high fevers can trigger an early death. Do what is right. Have her be re-vaccinated.

    Check out these sites:

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  2. Katy W says:

    How ludicrous! She’s had the vaccination, what’s the problem? Your doctor is talking rubbish, I’d take your child to someone capable.
    Good Luck
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  3. eri says:

    Chicken pox CAN be fatal when contracted after childhood – it is MUCH more dangerous to get it as an adult. People have died. Get her the vaccine.

    All this talk about the dangers of vaccines is bullshit. That’s right, bullshit. There is NO link between vaccines and autism. They took the mercury out of vaccines 8 years ago, and the rates of autism have only been going up. Children who are vaccinated get autism at the SAME RATE as children who were not. There is no danger to vaccines, and an immeasurable amount of good. Do you realize we almost wiped out mumps, measles, polio, and smallpox? About 50 percent of kids never made it to their 10th birthday 100 years ago because of these diseases. Until recently, you never even saw them today – but thanks to people not vaccinating, they’re making a comeback – and if they infect enough unvaccinated kids (and kill them), the virus will mutate until everyone can catch it – and then it’s back.

    This isn’t a religious issue. It’s a basic logic one. Get your kid vaccinated.,8599,1808438,00.html
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  4. Tiffany says:

    I am from GA and you can claim a religious exemption here without having to explain your religion. You don’t need to state what you believe, only that you are opting out due to religious reasons. If you believe vaccines are a danger to your child, then it goes against your beliefs to endanger her. However, be aware that your pediatrician may refuse to continue seeing her in which case you simply find a vaccine-friendly doctor – they are widely available! You are right in your concerns about vaccines! Don’t let others discourage your parenting! She’s your child and endangering her life or health will only fall on your conscience, not your doctor’s, not your family’s, not your friends’, or anyone else. They will all simply say ‘I’m so sorry’ and then wash their hands of the responsibility. Research outside the circle of the CDC and other’s closely linked such as the AAP and AMA for example, will show a much different result. Look outside that circle and see what those who are not profiting from vaccines have to say. Only sheep follow each other off a cliff – think for yourself!

  5. admin says:

    Hi Tiffany, way to speak out, you have a lot of courage!

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