Dr. Andrew Moulden discusses the damage vaccines do to the human brain, specifically, strokes.
Dr. Moulden claims he has developed new diagnostic imaging technology and techniques which provide irrefutable proof causation of vaccine induced brain damage.
Moulden argues that these advances prove vaccines injure children by causing microvascular strokes, not just in the brain, but in other vital organs as well.
These strokes result in adverse conditions such as autism, SIDS, epilepsy, autoimmune diseases, chronic fatigue syndrome, and many other illnesses not just in children but adults as well.

Dr. Moulden’s advances are important because the establishment often places blame for infant deaths and brain injuries on parents, rather than vaccines. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and Shaken Baby Syndrome are the terms the system has developed to disguise vaccine damage and criminalize innocent parents and carers instead of the doctors and pharmaceutical companies that push the vaccines.

Dr. Moulden’s work is a welcome addition to a growing body of evidence linking vaccines to serious health problems and even death.

Vaccines have become the sacred cows of the Western medical establishment yet the (alleged) benefits of vaccines are unproven.

Duration : 0:9:13

[youtube zgMTnu3UXgE]

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